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Kalklitir – how to paint furnitures

4 mars 2015

Med Kalklitir kan man förutom väggar även måla möbler. Här kommer en beskrivning från Audur, grundaren av Kalklitir, på hur du målar möblerna. Här hittar du Kalklitir sen i webbshoppen

Painting furniture, using Kalklitir.

The most important thing when painting furniture is the preparation to get “the good grip”

This is how you do it:

1) Start by lightly sanding down all grease, lack etc. from your furniture. Use fine sandpaper (no 180) and then remove all dust, using dry table cloth, brush, vacuum cleaner, etc. Usually you don’t have to work all through to the bare wood!! Just get a matte surface, so your primer gets “the good grip”.

NB!! It is important to know what the top layer of chosen furniture to be painted is? .. (acrylic-paint, lack,wax etc.), You will have to work harder on removing f.ex. all traces of wax compare to f.ex. acrylic based paint etc.


2) Use acrylic primer (white) and give your furniture one or two thin layers. Important to spread the primer well, so you will get “the good grip” and let it dry completely between layers.


3) Give your furniture one or two layers of your chosen Kalklitir, let it dry completely between layers.


4) If you want to give your furniture the “used look” (antique, old, shabby chic etc.), simply use sandpaper to rub down on corners etc. do this carefully, so you will not remove to much at once, as Kalklitir will go of very easily when it is new and has not begun to harden. Do this only after the last layer of kalklitir is completely dry! Dust carefully with f.ex. a brush and watch out so you don´t scratch the surface, (NB! scratching the surface can also give a nice patina, so it’s up to you!)


5) If your are painting furniture that is going to come in contact with grease, (like tabletops, etc.) then it can be a good idea to give it one or two thin layers of acrylic lack. Important to let Kalklitir dry for 72 hours before applying any lack!

The lack I have used, with good result is f.ex. Jotun, panellakk klar.

You can use a lack-brush or a small roll, or both, depending on what you are working on (big furniture, etc.)

If you are going to use some other type of acrylic lack, then always test it on Kalklitir before applying, as not all can be used!!! (just make a small colour sample with Kalklitir on a piece of paper/cardboard and let it dry and then put your lack on top to see if it is working, i.e. not flaking of or completely changing the colour.

I sometimes use furniture wax from “Liberon” on top of the two layers of lack, to get a more durable finish (f.ex.on tabletops, if doing so pls. make a small test on paper/cardboard before applying to see how it will look, and reed instructions on how to apply the wax!)


* Please remember; that when painting furnitures, preparation is the key to good result!

* Please remember; it is always important to let primer, Kalklitir, lack etc. dry completely between layers!

* Please remember; that the colour of Kalklitir will always change when you put something on top of it!

* Please remember; only to use acrylic based products i.e. primer and lack with Kalklitir! (never oil-based!)

* Please remember; to always read the manufactures instructions when using their products,

and always better to do a small test on a piece of paper/cardboard before applying anything to Kalklitir!

* Please remember, it can also be beautiful only to use Kalklitir and no top layer of lack,

and simply let your furniture get a nice “patina” as time goes by…


/Audur Skula, decorative painter, founder of Kalklitir



Mixing Ivory in a bucket


Doesn´t it look absolutely Amazing!


An old table made of wood that had one layer of Lime-wash to get even more weathered look.

A terracotta urn and a MDF-board, both painted in Ivory

Close up details of Audurs fireplace, painted in San Saccaria (+ lime-wash)

Snyggt eller hur! Här hittar du Kalklitir i webbshoppen inreda.com

Kalklitir – how-to paint a wall

4 mars 2015

Med Kalklitir kan du enkelt och snyggt måla väggar. Jag får jättemånga frågor om vilken yta man kan måla på och om man kan måla direkt på tapeten. Ja det går utmärkt, är det en matt yta så måla direkt på! Är det en highglossy yta på så använd en Acrylic Primer (vit) att grunda med för att Kalklitir ska fästa så bra som möjligt. Det går även bra att måla på strukturtapet.

Här kommer en beskrivning från Audur Skula, grundaren av Kalklitir, på hur du målar väggarna. Även den person som ni ser måla en vägg längst ner i filmen här i inlägget. Ta er gärna tid att kika på den så ser ni hur lätt det är att måla med Kalklitir! Här hittar du Kalklitir i webbshoppen inreda.com.

Painting a wall using Kalklitir.


1) Kalklitir can be used on surfaces that are painted with acrylic paint, as well as unpainted surfaces such as concrete, gips, matte or structured wall paper, wood etc.

2) Before applying Kalklitir, all surfaces should be properly dry and clean and free from grease.

3) All holes and cracks should be fixed as usual, using proper material, and make sure that all repairs have dried completely, and please follow instructions from individual producers.

4) It is a good rule to apply acrylic primer on top of grease and fixed holes and cracks, in order to avoid any discoloration, and also good to use sandpaper to even out and erase spots in order “to get a good grip” for Kalklitir.

5) When using Kalklitir on surfaces that have already been painted with oil paint or are lacquered surfaces, you have to apply acrylic primer before you start using Kalklitir in order “to get a good grip”.

6) When painting on wood, use proper material to prevent knots from bleeding through.

7) It is very important to avoid any water coming in contact with freshly painted wall for at least 72 hours!!

8) You will get the best result when painting to layers, and use a good quality pig hair lime-brush.

Audur Skula / decorative paint, Founder of Kalklitir


Can you paint Kalklitir on top of structured wallpapers?

Yes you can paint over wallpaper, we have done that, it was great.!! I think a structured wallpaper will also look good and it should not be a problem to use the brush, but may take a little longer to do though, as it is structured.

If the paper is matt then she can paint over it right away, but if the paper is with a high glans top layer then I would put one layer of acrylic prime first, and then Kalklitir (two layers) on top




Kalklitir – How to apply lime color on a wall

Kika även på denna videon när Audur målar så ser ni hur lätt det är! Och det blir så snyggt!